Bordolona Alm

Agritur Bordolona Alm

Nature and tradition

Malga Bordolona, whose name derives from the dialect “Borda", a term used to indicate the fog that often characterizes this place, is a traditional farm. The philosophy that governs the Alessandri family is to offer wholesome food from its own production or local producers in the name of enhancing the territory.

Starting from this year, for lovers of unspoiled nature, the Alessandri family also offers the chance to stay overnight in the newly renovated “location", a few steps from the existing one: Malga Bordolona Alta.

Malga Bordolona is also a structure intended for mountain pasture and cheese making. The fresh milk is transformed into a sweet cheese to taste, why not, lying in the green pastures.

Le Maddalene

Nature and tradition

The Maddalene chain is a mountain group of Trentino that borders to the north with the Val d'Ultimo (South Tyrol) and to the east with the Passo Palade. To the south, the natural boundary is formed by the Val di Non and Val di Sole, to the west by the Passo di Rabbi.
The name derives from the agricultural world: in past times, in fact, it was customary to indicate with this term some localities of the mountain range where it was customary to start mowing the grass not before July 22, commemorative day of Santa Maria Maddalena .

What characterizes the Maddalene group are the rolling hills that vary with high peaks and beautiful alpine lakes.
In the Maddalene you can meet 5 lakes over 2,000 meters above sea level:

Lake Trenta: located at 2387 meters above sea level, it is the tallest of the five and is about two hours' walk from Malga Bordolona;
Lake Poinella: at 2180 meters above sea level it can be reached from Bagni di Mocenigo, Rumo;
Lake Cemiglio: at 2267 meters above sea level it can be reached from Bagni di Mocenigo, Rumo;
Lake Goldlahn See: at 2294 meters above sea level it can be reached from Lanza di Rumo or from Proveis;
Lake Luco: at 2180 meters above sea level it can be reached from Passo Palade.
Here nature manifests itself in all its wild beauty.

The most famous trail, which leads through the peaks of the Maddalene chain, is the Bonacossa path that connects the Palade Pass to the Valle dei Rabbi.

Highest peak: Punta di Quaira (2,752 m.s.l.m.), located above the Bordolona Alta Alpine hut.
Vette notes: Monte Luco (2,434 m.s.l.m.), Monte Cornicoletto (2,418 m.s.l.m.), Cima Trenta (2,636 m.s.l.m.)

Our story

Alessandri family

We are a young couple who for over ten years have decided to spend the summer in the mountains rediscovering ancient crafts. With us there are also our children: Tommaso, now a well-known pastor, and little Giacomo. Living immersed in nature allows us to regenerate, finding again the calm and the right harmony between body and spirit. Certain of how important this is, we are pleased to welcome you, sharing with you our little Paradise.

Location and Arrival

From Cles, in Val di Non, follow the road to Val di Sole. Once you reach Mostizzolo, turn right towards Preghena-Rumo.

Before the village of Preghena turn left, towards Bresimo. Continue past Bresimo on the convenient paved road that leads to Malga Bordolona.