Alpine dairy

The original workflow

of cheese making

From the skilful processing of milk, Luca gives life to niche products with particular flavors that recall the ancient scents of the mountain and its pastures. You can enjoy fresh and aged cheeses. In addition to these, the Alessandri family also produces excellent meats at Km 0, derived from the breeding of pigs on site.

Our farm

Nature and tradition

Malga Bordolona is home to about sixty dairy cows, about eighty heifers and small calves born during the summer. The cows graze freely in the meadows around the Malga under the watchful eye of the sweet Luna, a small shepherd dog. They return to the barn only for milking that takes place twice a day (early in the morning and in the evening). In addition they are also bred about thirty pigs.

Cheese and specialties

Mountain pleasure

Malga Bordolona produces different types of cheese: from the typical Casolet, fresh and soft cheese, to the Nostrano di Malga, with a more intense flavor. The seasoned cheese with a strong taste and the cheese refined in wine, which preserves the aroma of the new wine, is also highly sought after. Yoghurt, ricotta and the unmistakable deep yellow butter are also produced, for which Malga Bordolona is famous.

Among the specialties of Malga Bordolona there are also Speck, the Lucanis, the Lonza, the Coppa, the salami and the Mortandella Nonesa, made from pigs reared in the structure.

Sale of products

All products can be purchased to bring home the taste of the malga or eaten on site, perhaps accompanied by a good glass of wine.